Loose Anchors

Southern Castings, Inc. can provide custom Type 304 Stainless Steel Loose Anchors upon request for all projects. 

Turn your Vision into Reality

Specifying Cast Stone

Cast Stone units covered by a project specification should not include the manufacturing method, as ASTM C1364 – Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone - states that, “Slump, manufacturing method, and apparatus shall be selected by the manufacturer and not specified by the purchaser.” The project specification should cover the performance criteria (i.e. compressive strength, absorption, freeze-thaw durability) and referenced standards wherever possible, as opposed to prescriptive methods of achieving physical properties. 

Additional Technical Information

Anchoring & Flashing Details

These details are for quick reference and guidance only. There are many different ways and different types of anchors that can be used that is not shown below to achieve the same results. If you have any questions or concerns with detailing, anchoring and flashing, then please contact us. We are here to help you and work together to make your vision become reality.